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Only the best and most dependable flooring available on the market today should be used in your home, garage, or business. Look no further than Epoxy Flooring! If you want to learn more about this excellent flooring solution, then you’ve come to the right place.

It is our speciality to build epoxy flooring in garages, warehouses, and floors that have been installed directly on concrete. Choosing the correct epoxy flooring and having it installed and maintained are just a few of the many services we can offer you!

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Epoxy Garage Flooring Sunshine Coast
Residential Garage Epoxy Floors
It’s time to spruce up your garage, making your home more marketable.
Commercial Epoxy Flooring Sunshine Coast
Commercial Epoxy Floors
We’ve everything covered from showrooms to offices to hospitals and more!
Warehouse Epoxy Flooring Sunshine Coast
Warehouse Epoxy Floors
Know how epoxy flooring can upgrade your warehouse.

The Flooring Solution For Residential, Commercial, & Industrial Properties

It has been our pleasure to install epoxy flooring in residential garages and commercial buildings, as well as industrial warehouses. If you want the most accurate and trustworthy flooring advice you can get around the Sunshine Coast, our team of epoxy flooring experts is more than pleased to come to your home, business, or warehouse to meet with you face-to-face and check the project site.

It may appear complicated at first, but trust us to tell you that it will be a simple process because of our considerable expertise and understanding of epoxy flooring installation and maintenance.

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The 5 Major Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

Having epoxy flooring installed in your garage, commercial facility, or warehouse provides a number of advantages. Below you’ll find a list of characteristics that make epoxy a suitable floor coating for a wide range of uses.

Toughness & Durability

If you’ve ever heard of epoxy coating, the first impressions that really stick around are its toughness and durability. It has grown in popularity throughout the years for these reasons and many more. 

When the floor surface is likely to be exposed to wear and tear, such as in your garage or on floors that see a lot of foot and vehicle traffic, having durable flooring is a wise investment.

Works On Old Concrete

Even while epoxy flooring is normally laid on new concrete floors, its most useful application may be to give ageing concrete floors a new lease of life by coating them with epoxy.

For all intents and purposes, the old concrete surface may be suitable for its intended use, but these floors are not renowned for their ability to resist slipping. This is why epoxy coating should be applied to aged, slippery concrete floors for safety concerns. As soon as the epoxy coating is applied, a concrete floor can be transformed into a totally new, improved, and safer surface.

Slip Resistance

Epoxy floor coatings are an excellent alternative to refinishing old concrete floors with the intention of enhancing their grip or traction. When it comes to preventing slips and falls for yourself and others, prioritise upgrading your floor and consider epoxy flooring. Having epoxy flooring is not only attractive but also essential in places like hospitals, showrooms, and schools for young children, among others where skid-resistant floors are a must.

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Spill Resistance

How does epoxy flooring react to spills of solid and corrosive chemicals? It doesn’t, thanks to inert properties. However, if the spilt substance is a hazardous chemical, you must ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned up safely and appropriately.

It’s not only that epoxy floorings are long-lasting, but that they don’t absorb liquids as well. This means that even if you accidentally spill chemicals on an epoxy-coated floor, there will be no damage or dampness to the floor at all. Otherwise, this can be a serious problem in other situations, such as a factory or garage, where spills occur more often.

Being able to clean this surface easily is a huge benefit. Most floors need to be resurfaced regularly after a spill because of residue buildup. This isn’t a problem for epoxy-coated flooring.

Multiple Design Options

You don’t have to put up with drab grey concrete for your flooring. Adding epoxy flooring will transform the look and feel of your floor in an instant. Because of the wide variety of forms and colours available in epoxy, you can create almost any pattern you can imagine. There’s marble design, 3D-like design, or even a prominent display of your company’s name or logo; all these can be possible with epoxy flooring!

There are also options for glowing flooring if you fancy your floors to seem as though they are made of stars in the night sky. A covered walkway or paved area would benefit greatly from this epoxy floor design idea. It is possible to implement various design ideas on epoxy flooring. The only limit to what you can do with it is your own imagination.

Epoxy flooring has too many advantages to discuss in one post. Get in touch with us right away by dialling the number shown on our website if you want to learn more. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have, and we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

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The Advantages of Professionally Installed Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floor installation and repair should only be performed by trained professionals. Given our extensive experience and proven expertise when installing epoxy flooring in a wide range of locations, we are confident that we can manage any complications that may arise.

It’s important to note that epoxy floor longevity is affected by various factors, including the quality of the installation and the care used to remove dust and seal the floor. So this means to say that the ‘who’ did the job is critical in getting the best results.

Anyone who knows anything about epoxy flooring knows that we provide some of the best options available on the Sunshine Coast. Give us a call if you’re interested in learning more about epoxy flooring or interested in how we got an excellent reputation in the business.

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Choosing A Finish That's Right for You

Thanks to a broad range of colour and design possibilities, your epoxy floor might be much more appealing than most people thought, maybe including you. However, keep in mind that the most important aspect is always safety, the colour of the surface serves no other purpose than to make it more visually appealing.

It’s easier to create unique finishes for your property with an epoxy coating that perfectly fits your design concepts and colour preferences for the inside of your home. There’s always a colour or design that is right for you.

Textured Epoxy Flooring Sunshine Coast

The Versatility Of Applying Epoxy Coating

Epoxy floors are an excellent option for a broad range of settings. You can use it in a garage, a commercial property, or an industrial area or warehouse. When laid directly on top of an existing concrete or tile floor, it has the added benefit of improving its look in an instant. However, epoxy flooring can be utilised in practically any floor where its advantages are welcomed, even when they aren’t mandatory.

If you’d like to learn more about the many applications for this type of flooring, give us a call or stop by our Sunshine Coast office today. And while you’re at it, don’t hesitate to ask for a free estimate. If you need us to come to your site for an inspection, we can do that too!

Epoxy Flooring Sunshine Coast

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The Epoxy Flooring Services We Offer

Epoxy flooring is increasingly being used in residential settings after years of primarily being used in commercial and industrial areas. Accidents caused by slipping are the key reason for using this kind of flooring, and these unfortunate mishaps also do happen in our homes. However, certain considerations must be made before application, such as the kind of epoxy floor that would work best there. Epoxy flooring’s many advantages and adaptability have been made possible as a result of finding an answer to this issue.

This kind of flooring can be found all over the place: in warehouses, factories, food processing plants, showrooms, sports and recreation facilities, and hospitals, as well as in the petroleum and aviation industries. Many industries employ epoxy flooring for their workspaces, and there are just so many to list.

For the sake of filtering the list, we’ll categorise them into the following three primary types of properties: residential (garages), commercial, and industrial (warehouses).

Garage Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Garage Flooring Sunshine Coast

Having epoxy flooring in your garage will make it seem more wonderful and useful. Either in plain colour and decorative flake, it will surely turn the heads of your neighbours. Your garage floor can go from ugly concrete to a beautiful epoxy coated surface in as little as three days! Ask us if you have any questions about the process of installing garage epoxy flooring. We’ll be happy to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Your garage may seem not that super important to you, so why bother with epoxy flooring? After all, it’s only a garage. When it comes to your garage and you as the owner and user, we’ve uncovered a few reasons why epoxy flooring could be a good idea.

When it comes to working on your car, you’ll want to make sure that your garage is safe and secure. You now can work in your garage with confidence thanks to the outstanding anti-slip features of epoxy flooring.

Another benefit of epoxy-coated floors is their resistance to damage from impacts and shearing. There is no need to worry about the floor being permanently damaged when you move and arrange your equipment. The ease with which epoxy flooring may be cleaned is another major benefit. You can clean up oil and paint spills in a matter of seconds, making it ideal for those who work with these materials.

Epoxy floors are also quite beautiful. If you can spare some time, you can view samples of epoxy flooring in our photo gallery. With epoxy coating, your garage can become a secure place for you to work and store all of your equipment. And if the floor becomes wet, you can rest certain that it’s still safe to walk on.

There are times when a new garage floor may be necessary if your existing floor has completely degraded. Of course, a dissolving, damaged floor may benefit from an epoxy coating; but, why would you do so if the concrete itself isn’t level or strong enough? As experts, it is standard operating procedure for us to inspect the present structure of each flooring project we undertake and determine the best course of action. Since we only produce flooring that meets or even exceeds industry standards, we don’t believe in producing subpar products.

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Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Sunshine Coast

Before beginning the installation process, it’s important to understand the benefits of commercial epoxy flooring. Epoxy floors are water- and chemical-resistant, for starters. If an acid leaks, the floor will not be ruined in a matter of seconds. Because of this property, commercial and even industrial facilities can benefit greatly from this kind of flooring.

Aside from being impenetrable, epoxy floors are also very durable. With this flooring, you won’t have to be concerned about your floor becoming dented or damaged by heavy equipment being utilised and moved about in the area.

Epoxy flooring is different from other types of flooring in that it does not simply peel or rip as other types of flooring do. Despite the abuse, it still looks fantastic. Epoxy flooring is essential in this industry because it provides a safe working environment. Working on this surface is safer because of its non-slip characteristics. When compared to other types of flooring, epoxy floors are also easier to clean and maintain.

When it comes to installing a commercial epoxy floor, how do you go about doing it? It’s really simple, actually. The first step is to contact us at the phone number shown on our website. With the support of our installation experts, you’ll be able to discuss your individual needs. We can help you decide on the best course of action for the flooring of your business property, as well as how to go about having it installed. Then, our personnel will come to your location to assess the situation. It is also possible to install these flooring in a short period of time, reducing the amount of downtime that your company will have.

When it comes to commercial floor surfaces, epoxy flooring is often the right choice. It’s best to choose this type of flooring if you’re running a business since it will last you for a long time. With its textured surface, epoxy flooring helps ensure that you meet all necessary safety regulations. Many companies have contracted with us to install this flooring in their shops and establishments in order to meet these safety requirements. Of course, we are happy to oblige.

The advantages of epoxy coating for commercial flooring can be learned by contacting us via our website. Get in touch with us if you have any questions, and don’t forget to get a free estimate while you’re at it!

Warehouse Epoxy Flooring

Warehouse Epoxy Flooring Sunshine Coast

There’s a good chance that your warehouse’s floor is made of smooth concrete, which isn’t the most secure choice. Because of this traditional flooring, any spills or leaks must be cleaned up immediately. To combat this problem, you should consider epoxy flooring as a good alternative.

Epoxy flooring with anti-slip properties can be a huge asset to your warehouse. Regardless of the scenario, the rough surface provides a firm and secure hold. The added chemical resistance is a must in a warehouse. Cleanup will be a breeze when it comes to epoxy flooring. It can prevent damage to the floor since spills can be swiftly cleaned up before they create any damage.

In addition to its high level of resiliency, epoxy flooring is also incredibly easy to keep clean. In a busy warehouse, this characteristic is really appreciated. Your floor should always be safe and well-maintained, no matter how busy the workplace may be. Damages caused by heavy machinery and equipment are less likely to occur on epoxy floors because they are very resilient. There is a lot of stuff in a warehouse, it’s only natural you don’t want a floor that will be damaged quickly.

Something else should be kept in mind, though. The installation of epoxy flooring is simple and inexpensive. Our team has a lot of experience installing this kind of floor, so we can get it done quickly, but we don’t cut corners. We are using only the finest materials and assuring the highest industry standards. Get in touch with one of our experts now to find out how you can improve the safety and durability of your warehouse floors.

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Why Use Our Services?

In order to provide our customers with the best possible service, our company only ever does work that satisfies all applicable safety regulations. In spite of our knowledge and the right tools, we won’t simply show up at your house and begin sealing in the old flooring right away. That’s not our style, and it goes against everything we stand for.

When you hire a company like ours, you should insist that we come to your location and inspect your floor to see whether any concrete repair work is needed before installing the new epoxy flooring. And yes, we are doing this as part of our commitment to ensure our product is top-notch. So, you can rest certain that your floor will last longer than it ever has and that our work will be unmatched in the industry in terms of quality and precision.

Using materials and craftsmanship of the highest quality, we are able to construct a floor that will last for a long time. In addition, we are certain that you will be delighted with the price, but we invite you to request a free estimate from us first to have an idea of how much it will cost to have this epoxy floor installed in your house.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Sunshine Coast

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Find out more about our epoxy floor coating services on the Sunshine Coast by getting in touch with us today. We will provide you with information on the pricing of any epoxy coating you can think of for your garage, business space, or warehouse.

Colours and patterns are available for our epoxy coating, which can be put to your new or existing concrete floor, depending on your specifications. However, don’t forget to get a free estimate for your flooring when you contact us. There are no obligations that come with our bids and we guarantee that you will obtain high-quality services.

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Epoxy Flooring FAQ

When it comes to epoxy flooring, these are some of the most common questions people ask.

Q: How much does epoxy flooring installation cost?

The cost of epoxy flooring mostly relies on the amount of the floor surface covered and the location of the project, where availability of stock and accessibility might be a concern. Cost estimates are heavily influenced by factors such as the quantity of epoxy needed and how many people are needed to complete the job in the allotted time period.

The price of an epoxy floor might also be determined by the precise specifications for the floor’s intended usage and location. Typically, epoxy is measured by the bucket. It’s possible to get an estimate of the total cost per square metre of the floor based on how much epoxy you use by calculating your floor area by the cost per bucket (plus a suitable margin).

Q: What factors to consider while looking for an epoxy coating?

There is a kind of epoxy flooring that will work best for your needs. As a homeowner or business owner, you need the best epoxy coating for the floor and place you’re looking to use it. You will want to know whether the epoxy will stick well to what surface, how easy it is to apply, and which epoxy gives what level of resistance. If you really are interested in the flooring you’re buying, asking these questions is a good starting point.

If you’re considering epoxy flooring, it’s imperative that you choose the right option. There are many factors to take into account, but knowing what is best for you can help you make better choices. If you’d like to learn more about epoxy flooring alternatives, or if you want to discuss the specifics of your epoxy flooring project, you can contact us for a chat. In order to arrive at an informed judgement, you must go through all of these processes.

Q: How does a garage benefit from epoxy flooring?

Garage flooring must be tougher than other floors since they are one of the most extensively utilised surfaces in the house or business. Garage flooring must be sturdy and long-lasting since they are continuously walked on and driven over by vehicles throughout the course of the day. Many large, heavy items are stored in your garage, and accidents sometimes occur, resulting in liquid spills on the floor. That’s why garage flooring needs to be long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear in order to be considered safe.

It is essential to have a durable garage floor. Since you use it often, you don’t want it to crack, chip, or otherwise degrade in any way. Otherwise, the surface will be dangerous to work on, and repairing it will cost you money to fix. This is no longer an issue with epoxy flooring.

Q: What are the epoxy flooring's resistant properties?

Epoxy is a long-lasting material that can withstand a variety of substances. Soluble cleaners and other chemicals have no effect on this flooring. Its chemical inertness makes epoxy an excellent flooring material for garages and factories. However, before putting any chemical on epoxy flooring, always check the MSDS to see if there are any precautions to take.

In addition to being able to handle high pedestrian and vehicular traffic, epoxy flooring can also endure poor weather conditions and extreme temperatures. Other flooring options will fail when exposed in the same way.

Q: What makes epoxy flooring good for commercial and industrial spaces?

Industrial and commercial settings including warehouses, factories, medical facilities, commercial garages and auto showroom floors can all benefit from epoxy flooring since it is not only acceptable but also the best flooring solution to meet safety criteria.

All epoxy flooring has the same characteristic of resistance. If you’re looking for a floor coating that can last the test of time, epoxy is a terrific option. It’s chemically resistant and prevents workers from sliding on it at work. Another advantage of epoxy flooring is that it resists abrasion from machines or foot traffic, which reduces the frequency of floor repair and maintenance. Epoxy is also noted for its ability to withstand heat and electrical discharges, which is a lesser-known characteristic. In terms of versatility and practicality, epoxy is the best flooring material on the market.

Q: Should you get epoxy floors if you’re selling the house soon?

You should! It’s a good idea to apply epoxy coating to your flooring if you’re planning to sell your house soon. Your property’s value will rise if it has floors that are epoxy-coated. Having epoxy flooring is often regarded as a low-cost home improvement that yields excellent returns. You can install epoxy flooring almost everywhere in your home, and the great thing about it is that it won’t cost you a lot.

If you’re on a limited budget, increasing the value of your property may be difficult. You can save money in the long term if you choose epoxy flooring for your home’s flooring and also get a better return on your investment.

Q: Is epoxy flooring good for outdoor spaces?

Yes, it is. A patio or veranda floor coated with epoxy is not only durable, but is also beautiful. Using outdoor epoxy flooring can transform a drab veranda into an attention-grabbing and functional outdoor space that will last for many years. Floors that are weather-resistant are necessary for outside areas like verandas. Aside from weathering, epoxy is also resistant to heat and moisture.

Veranda flooring should not be neglected as one of the most critical aspects to consider. Epoxy is a great option for a variety of reasons outside its aesthetic appeal, which may be stunning when done correctly.

Q: Is epoxy flooring something that can be DIY?

As a matter of fact, yes, it can be DIY. But why take the chance? Getting it wrong could have disastrous consequences.

First, most DIY flooring kits are made with inferior materials than those used by professional installers. To get the best results, it may be necessary to use additional tools not included in DIY kits. And another thing, it isn’t as simple as it seems. When it comes to professionals, their years of experience help them seem they’re able to do things effortlessly. To make sure that epoxy flooring lasts as long as possible, they use specialised equipment and personnel with extensive experience in epoxy flooring installation.

Simply put, you run the risk of having to replace or repair your floor more often if you do it yourself.

Q: Does epoxy flooring need much maintenance?

Because of its long-term durability, epoxy flooring can last for many years with little maintenance. A recoat or repair is normally not required on a regular basis. When compared to other flooring options, epoxy has a longer life expectancy. It can withstand the pounding of pedestrians and vehicles. In addition, it is built to endure the wear and tear of heavy machines.

There is no need to repair or recoat epoxy material for quite some time after it is applied. Epoxy flooring is easy to clean as it doesn’t scratch or stain. Just a few drops of soap and a pail of water will do the trick; there’s no need to use harsh chemicals.

Q: Is it possible to treat old concrete flooring with epoxy?

Yes, epoxy coating may be placed over an old concrete floor without any problems. The only thing to bear in mind is that there are a few things to consider. Before you proceed, you must first verify that the current floor can withstand the application of an epoxy coat. Some preparations such as cleaning and roughening the existing surface must be carried out; the old floor should be able to withstand a beating in order to get the best results.

Epoxy coating can also possibly salvage certain old concrete flooring, but in other cases, a structural repair might be required. Before you begin the process of refinishing your floor, consult with a flooring expert.

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