Benefits of using epoxy flooring for your garage floor

Choosing A Finish That's Right for You

Thanks to a broad range of colour and design possibilities, your epoxy floor might be much more appealing than most people thought, maybe including you. However, keep in mind that the most important aspect is always safety, the colour of the surface serves no other purpose than to make it more visually appealing.

It’s easier to create unique finishes for your property with an epoxy coating that perfectly fits your design concepts and colour preferences for the inside of your home. There’s always a colour or design that is right for you.

Epoxy Garage Flooring Sunshine Coast

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It sounds simple enough: a layer of epoxy here, some finishing touches there, and voila, your garage floor is good as new. And if your floor has more significant imperfections like cracks and holes, you can choose a different finish. But besides covering up old pesky stains on your concrete floor, epoxy coating offers the added benefit of preventing future stains as well. 

Concrete is brittle, which causes it to chip and break off easily, and it’s porous, so if you end up dropping chemicals on it, they leave a permanent stain that’s hard to clean up. Adding an epoxy coating to your garage floor reinforces the concrete surface, making it highly-durable and non-porous. This prevents stains from setting, while allowing your floor to withstand heavy loads from vehicles, heavy tools, and other machinery. 

Has An Aesthetic Appearance

Many property owners in the Sunshine Coast area are making the switch to epoxy flooring for their garage to give it a brand new look. Epoxy coating breathes new life into your old and worn-out floors, giving you a shiny and smooth surface with no imperfections. 

Not to mention, there are numerous finishes that you can choose from for a more customised appearance. This includes various combinations of different textures and colours. That way, you’ll be able to match your garage floor with the rest of your property’s decor. 

Allows For Hassle-Free Cleaning

Remember how we said that adding an epoxy coating to your garage’s concrete flooring makes it extra durable and non-porous. Since it seals the concrete underneath, you only have to clean the epoxy surface. Dropped chemicals that would have left a stain on the concrete? Just wipe it off with a degreaser for a clean finish. Most commercial spaces hose down their epoxy flooring, but if that’s not an option for your garage, mopping the floor will do the trick! 

Provides Great Traction

Although your shiny and smooth epoxy garage floor may look slippery, it’s far from it. Compared to other smooth, flat surfaces, epoxy flooring is much less slippery and offers skid-resistance, too. Another technique professional teams use to increase the floor’s slip-resistance involves broadcasting epoxy flake. This helps create a bumpy texture that increases your floor’s traction. This is a major benefit because it reduces the risk of slips and falls, making your property much safer.  

Takes Little Time To Install

Whether you’re working on a passion project in your garage, or just don’t like having renovators or contractors at your house for long, epoxy flooring takes little time to install. For instance, we can install a standard epoxy coating in as little as a few days. 

Nevertheless, we never do so at the cost of impeccable quality. Our team also understands the importance of prepping the floor prior installation so that the epoxy adheres properly. At this point, it’s important to consider that despite the availability of other options, professional teams are well-versed in the latest industry practices for seamless installation.

Needs Little Maintenance

Unlike your old concrete floor that was prone to chipping and staining, an epoxy coating is simple to maintain. Once you’ve effectively sealed up the concrete, which is the main source of residual concrete, you don’t have to worry about cement, dust, and debris settling onto other surfaces of your garage. All it takes is some sweeping and mopping to maintain your epoxy flooring’s resilient and shiny surface. 

Your New Garage Floor Awaits

To sum it up, installing epoxy flooring in your garage comes with plenty of benefits. It covers up old stains and imperfections, while adding a durable layer that prevents future wear and tear. Because epoxy seals the concrete floor, it allows a hassle-free cleaning process that doesn’t require any harsh chemicals. Besides needing little maintenance and lasting a long time, epoxy flooring comes in different finishes and is slip-resistant, too!

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